The NetFoundry platform enables businesses to deploy virtualized software defined networks like they spin up virtual machines


The NetFoundry Platform enables “spinning up” any number of virtual NetFoundry Networks across the public internet that each meet stringent Enterprise private network requirements for security, performance, and resilience.

The NetFoundry platform provides API-controlled software-based “cloud native networks” that dovetail with the lifecycle and requirements of “cloud native applications”.  It is similar in concept to cloud computing infrastructure-as-a-service- offerings but is for wide area networks.

NetFoundry Platform Architecture

The platform builds and operates enterprise-owned Software Defined  Networks (SDNs) using any internet access, each network  providing:

Immunity to network attacks and vulnerabilitiesStrong access control via software-defined-perimeter (SDP) authenticate-before-connect and strong isolation from the public internet

Secure Information protectionMulti-layered data-in-motion security

Robust network performance for excellent quality of experience (QoE)Dynamically optimized performance, application quality of experience policy control, resilient connections, and hybrid WAN aggregation

Global, mobile, agile reachSpins up each NetFoundry Network across any mix of internet access providers

Rich application integrationProvides configuration and control APIs

SnapNets & Solutions

Individual NetFoundry Networks are configured to operate as one or more independent SnapNets using a Design Wizard available to individual business unit project teams.  Each SnapNet is instantly compiled to operate as an independent solution- specific network connecting some or all of the NetFoundry Network’s endpoints.

Security and performance are designed in, ensuring compliant adoption solution by solution.

An enterprise may use NetFoundry Network SnapNets as an extension of a centrally managed -complex network and/or as a standalone network bound to a specific application. The NetFoundry platform enables both traditional network operations and agile DevOps operations models.

NetFoundry Network solutions include Multicloud Connection Solutions, IoT Connection Solutions, ApplWAN Connection Solutions, and Branch Office LAN Connection Solutions.

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