Instantly connect sites, applications, IoT and clouds via NetFoundry's global SDN, accessed via any Internet connection
Public, private and hybrid cloud solutions
NetFoundry MultiCloud Connect

Easily and securely connect across any set of clouds and networks, without building private network and VPN extensions to each site.

Software endpoints instantly connect your private networks across NetFoundry’s global SDN, and NetFoundry’s platform enables you to easily add those private software defined networks on top of your existing WAN, with no WAN disruption.

NetFoundry SDNs provide enterprise grade security and performance, accessed from your existing broadband Internet providers, with optimized connectivity to each major public cloud environment.


Connecting IoT to fog, core and cloud
NetFoundry IoT Connect

NetFoundry’s IoT software is deployed on IoT endpoints (Linux, Windows, Mac), or on IoT edge gateways (as a container, virtual machine or appliance). The software enables your IoT device or campus to securely and reliably connect to anywhere, over any Internet connection, and can bundle multiple connections into a hybrid IoT WAN.

NetFoundry is a certified Dell IoT partner, running on Dell’s 3000 and 5000 IoT gateways.

NetFoundry’s IoT software can be embedded directly in your IoT solution via NetFoundry APis.  For example, Integron, a managed healthcare provider,partnered with NetFoundry for secure connectivity for healthcare IoT.

NetFoundry is a founding member of EdgeXFoundry, an open IoT edge platform managed by the Linux Foundation. NetFoundry functions as a network microservice enabling EdgeX deployments to simply and securely connect to fog, core or cloud.

Application-specific networking solutions
NetFoundry Integrated AppWANs

Quickly take new applications from prototype to production by using ready-made, application-integrated networking to eliminate the costs and time of custom infrastructure and network engineering, and not disrupt your entire WAN as you add new applications.

Integrated AppWANs optimize network security and performance according to the specific needs of the application, creating a private, app-specific WAN for the application, accessed from your existing broadband Internet connection.

AppWAN for IBM Watson Voice enables contact centers and enterprises to instantly and securely connect to Watson Voice, without requiring expensive networking infrastructure and SIP interworking projects.

NetFoundry APIs also enable app developers and admins to make your own Integrated AppWANs, embedding networks in your apps which meet the specific performance and security needs of your app, without requiring custom engineering on the enterprise network (private beta; contact us to participate).

Private networks without private circuits
NetFoundry Branch Office Internet Connect

Securely and reliably connect your branch offices, cloud sites and IoT sites using your existing network providers in two steps:

  1. Deploy our endpoint software to a Linux or Windows virtual machine in your DMZ, or deploy our gateway software as an appliance.  The gateway connects to the NetFoundry global SDN, via your existing network providers.
  2. Use the NetFoundry Console or APIs to instantly spin up your own private networks across the NetFoundry security-optimized, high-performance fabric.

Software clients, adapters and cloud gateways enable you to extend your private network to cloud, IoT, extranet, remote worker and SaaS applications.

NetFoundry’s dark network, software defined network security and real-time application performance enable the branch offices to avoid hardware deployments and hub-and-spoke backhaul.